Amanda Triplett, Cell Wall, 2018. Salvaged fiber and thread, 13” x 25.5” x 1”. 2020 Betty Brose and Margaret Hogg Art About Agriculture Purchase Awards

About the Exhibition

2020 Art About Agriculture Competition and Exhibition: Tension/Harmony
Virtual Gallery

September 3 – October 30, 2020
Reception: October 1, 2020, 4pm – 7pm. Reservations required. More information to come.

The 37th Annual Art About Agriculture Competition and Exhibition returns to the much-loved open call, juried format. 

This year’s theme invited artists to consider our agricultural future, exploring the relationship between the conservation of natural resources and agricultural production. What will tomorrow’s food and fiber look like when we place equal weight on conservation and use? How might farming, fishing, fibers, fashion, and food culture change in the Pacific Northwest? How might communities and connectedness change as we better understand food insecurity and market access? What would cutting-edge research, technology, and innovation look like in the march towards finding a balanced future?  Artists were provided research papers and news articles pertaining to Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences’ efforts to tackle these important questions.  Learn more about this exhibition.

In response to COVID-19, Giustina Gallery and Art About Agriculture are taking steps to ensure visitors have a safe and welcoming art viewing experience: 

  • Giustina Gallery/ The LaSells Stewart Center requires all visitors to wear a mask.
  • Greatly reduced maximum capacity with contact tracing sign-in.
  • To reduce touch surfaces, artist statements are on display alongside artworks.  
  • Online gallery available through the Giustina Gallery website is coming soon.
  • The reception for in-person viewing will be by reservation only to space timing of visitors. 

Oregon is unmatched in the density of its diverse agricultural, environmental, and social landscape. As the founding college of the state’s land-grant university dedicated to serving all Oregonians, the College of Agricultural Sciences stands at the confluence of diverse perspectives. As champions of science, we embrace differences to find common ground and create opportunity – committed each day to make tomorrow better.


Abdullah Albohalika 
Greg Bal 
David Paul Bayles 
Rich Bergeman
Nancy Bryant 
Ronald Bunch
Susan Burnes 
Kathleen Caprario
Katy Cauker 
Jeanne Chamberlain
Carol Chapel 
Karen Clark

List of Participating Artists


Bets Cole
Jon Jay Cruson 
Owen Dell 
Tallmadge Doyle
Judy Findley 
McKenzie Floyd 
Eric French
Priscilla Hanson
Susan Harrington 
Eileen Hearne 
Don Hudgins 
George Johanson  





Mary Josephson 
Bob Keefer 
Betty LaDuke 
Bill Marshall
Loren Nelson 
Cozette Phillips 
Erik Sandgren
Deb Stoner
Amanda Triplett 
Yolanda Valdes-Rementería
Morgan Walker 

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Exhibition Artwork 


Artist statements, awards, and information

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