Standard Gallery Audiovisual Package

  •  Laptop computer (Windows-based) with internet access (1024 x 768 @ 60 hz).
  •  5500 lumen projector.
  •  Sound/ input/ power.
  •  Input switcher for own laptop.
  •  Remote slide advance with laser pointer.
  •  Screen 10' wide x 9' tall.
  •  Free high-speed, complimentary wireless internet.


Additional Meeting Support and Equipment: 

  • Wired Ethernet connection (upon request).
  • Extension cords and power strips.


Computer Presentations

The plexiglass lectern comes with our laptop or you can bring your own laptop. If using our laptop, it is recommended that you bring a thumb drive with your presentation to upload directly to it.

We request that presenters arrive with plenty of time to test presentations on either our equipment or their own devices. If you do not allow time for testing prior to your event, we cannot guarantee that our staff will be able to get your presentation running by the time you need it.