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Special notice:

Per Governor Kate Brown’s announced statewide two-week freeze, The LaSells Stewart Center will be closed November 18 through December 2. After this freeze is lifted, we hope to return to our previous hours of Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or by contract or appointment.

Gallery Address:

  • The Giustina Gallery is located at 875 SW 26th St., Corvallis, Oregon, 97331.

Gallery Hours:

  • See special notice above.

Call to Artists:

  • Please click on current and future art exhibits to see Calls to Artists.


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    About the Gallery:

    Giustina Gallery is located in the heart of the LaSells Stewart Center and is the largest art gallery in the Willamette Valley. It proudly hosts upwards of 12 exhibits annually, featuring art of all mediums and representing local, regional, and international visual artists. Giustina Gallery is recognized for cultivating creativity and building connections among the community and artists. Murdock Gallery provides art enthusiasts a more intimate artwork experience—with nearly 64 linear feet of display area. South Hall Display Case features local artists in a two- and three-dimensional presentation case.

    Between the Giustina Gallery and the Murdock Gallery, there is a unique area where visitors walking through the galleries can glance through a glass wall and be pleasantly surprised to see flowers and shrubbery as well as a beautiful, abstract sculpture in the Myrtle Tree Alcove. This space is a great feature within the center that is commonly used to place registration tables for conferences, receptions, and school events.

    Collectively, the galleries provide the local and campus community diverse opportunities to view and display artwork. Annual exhibits include: Vista and Vineyards, Art about Agriculture, Cultural Connections Exhibit, Community Art Exhibit, and many more. Each exhibition is accompanied with a public art reception to create an engaging environment between the attendees and featured artists.