These policies/conditions apply to contracted exhibitor groups or individual artist submitting art to an exhibit

General terms: 

1. Giustina Gallery reserves the right to use the gallery for other events and art exhibits will occasionally be obscured due to vendor exhibits/events.

2. Giustina Gallery reserves the right to reject a particular piece of art or to request that it be removed.

3. Upon submission, the exhibitor/ artist will automatically be added to the gallery art distribution list that provides information about upcoming exhibits and opportunities. This includes but is not limited to the Constant Contact e-communications.

4. The gallery may photograph artwork and identify artist for marketing purposes, digital or print.

5. Exhibitor agrees to provide a master art list (Excel spreadsheet) with price or value, including replacement pieces if requested. Title tags will be create based on the information provided by artist.

6. Giustina Gallery will provide art insurance through OSU provider only if all requirements are met. Gallery will not be responsible for incidental and minor damage due to storage or installation of art.

7. Exhibitor agrees to provide secure and professional hanging system for art. Giustina Gallery does not take responsibility for any damage which occurs from art falling due to poor hanging system.

8. Exhibitor agrees to notify gallery of any free-standing pieces for approval of placement prior to install date and provide secure stands if required. 

9. Exhibitor agrees to deliver and remove art per dates and times listed per exhibit or arrangements made in advance. Shipping costs are the artist’s responsibility.  

10. Exhibitor agrees to remove shipping containers from the facility unless advance arrangements are made.


Sales Terms:  

10. Exhibitor agrees to pay exhibit fees and pay a designated percentage on commissions from sales during the show. In addition, a “finder’s fee” will be charged for any art sold resulting from exhibits at the gallery within 60 days. 

11. Giustina Gallery will process sales, and pay artist in a timely manner, artist is responsible to complete an online form submitted to OSU. Failure to complete form may delay payment.

12. All Sales will be handled through The LaSells Stewart Center office. Exhibitor agrees that art may be sold off the walls during the exhibit unless noted on the contract.



13. Gallery curator will arrange catering for the reception. Contracted exhibitors will be required to cover the cost of the reception.