To use any of the spaces outside of our facility and to submit a request, make sure to carefully read all the information by clicking on the appropriate box. Please note deadlines are associated with both processes.

Campus Use Information


Classroom Use Information


Campus Grounds Use Information:

  • Campus Use Request must be submitted at least 14 days before the event date. 
  • Any events involving alcohol must be submitted at least 21 days before the event date.

  • Any events requiring road closure must be submitted at least 28 days before the event date and may require a City of Corvallis Parade Permit.

  • "Campus Grounds" refers to all outdoor areas on campus, including all campus streets and sidewalks, park and lawn areas, parking lots, patios, malls, etc. Some exclusions apply regarding the need to fill out this form. See Campus Use Information above to learn more.

Classroom use

  • See Classroom Use Information above to learn more including procedures and deadlines.

Oregon State University offers outdoor space for academic, professional, and recreational functions that serve the campus community. Time, Manner and Place Rules for Speech Activities


Principles and Values: All users are expected to observe the University's principles and values by preserving: Safety, Accessibility, Sustainability, Aesthetics, and Resources.

Collaborative Efforts: Maximizing use requires a collaborative effort by all users to: Conserve Energy, Minimize Impact, Recycle, Manage Waste, and Restore Grounds.

Safety: Personal safety and risk management strategies and plans must be a core part of every event planned on campus.

Recycling: OSU encourages you to provide recycling and/or compost bins at events. Request recycle bins through Campus Recycling.

Road Closures/Construction: OSU is experiencing a high volume of construction this year.  Please refer to the Closure NoticesConstruction Traffic and Safety, and Current Projects webpages to see the most updated information. OSU asks that visitors onto campus please be aware of their surroundings.