Start the process:

Verify room availability at the Office of the Registrar.

If any of the following applies to your event:

1. A profit is expected from the event

2. There is a charge to attend the event (other than a philanthropic event)

3. The public is invited ("open to the public" as opposed to "by invitation only")

4. If the organizer represents an off-campus group (clubs and social structures, religious groups, public organizations).

5. Fill out the Campus Classroom Use Request Form as completely as possible. Email the form to:

6. For LINC building information



All Recognized Student Organization events and activities must be reported through the Student Organization Data Base ( in advance of the event or travel. Reservations for classroom space or campus ground use will not be confirmed until the activity has been reported.  For more information or for support in submitting an activity plan, contact  

Fees may apply



1. The event's coordinator is responsible for notifying Security Services, Media Services, and the appropriate reservation unit that an event has been canceled.

2. An administrative charge will be made when the event is canceled less than 48 hours before the scheduled event start time.

AV Needs:

1. A minimum of 48 hours advance notice required to schedule AV equipment.

2. Contact Media Services (541) 737-2121 for audio/visual needs.

Room Access:

1. A minimum of 48 hours advance notice required to schedule room access after the reservation is confirmed.

2. For Milam 026: Contact Media Services for Don Demello (541) 737-2121 to arrange for access.

NOTE: Campus police/security and custodial services WILL NOT open Milam Auditorium.

3. The Schedule Desk will notify Security Services (541) 737-3010 to open all other classrooms.

4. Bring a copy of the reservation/confirmation with you.